The PIXI.FM Manifesto

THE SCENE: You're running a party, whether it's for many, for one or for two. You want some music for the background and a bit of the foreground. You decide that music videos are ideal for this mid-ground entertainment. So you turn to the Internet and try to get the music flowing...

We believe that the way music videos are played right now isn't working.

Finding something to watch. Keeping the music going. What to play when you're out of ideas. Watching with friends. These are simple things but in the modern connected world they are suddenly difficult.

Our mission is to build the world's best music video screen.

We believe in controlling the music.

As well as the usual searching, PIXI.FM lets you explore artists by DeepDive - which instantly reveals paired tracks that go well with what you're in to. We can also turn your Spotify or Apple Music playlist into a Music Video channel - sounds obvious but the people who tried it said they've never seen the videos for the songs they listen to every day. We continue to develop our systems with local performance information, multi-user viewing and anything else that can expand the user experience.

We believe the music should never stop.

When a track finishes, instead of stopping and demaning decisions from you, PIXI.FM will automatically select the next track to match your current mood. Silence once a track finishes kills the party. There's a reason why the industry calls it "Dead Air". Once you turn PIXI.FM on, it will not stop playing music until you tell it to stop or your house burns down.

We believe in discovering something new.

PIXI.FM takes what you watch and the tracks you request, then shapes the mix around your general mood and your music tastes. It uses deep learning from public sources across the Internet to find music you might like. The result is that even if you run out of ideas, PIXI.FM still plays something relevant for you. Sometimes it gives you new ideas of tracks you'd like to hear and the journey continues. We have discovered so many new artists this way, let us know who you find!

We believe in shared experiences.

Our goal is to socialise music. We designed PIXI.FM to be remote controllable from a smartphone, even without requiring the app to be installed. By design there is no limit to how many can connect and alter the mix. This created what we like to describe as an in-person social network. Now, in light of the socialisation issues created by COVID-19, we want to expand this across continents through PIXI LIVE which will allow the same shared experience between different geographical locations.

We believe in the artists.

PIXI.FM does not currently make any money, but when it does we want to pump 100% of the profits back to the artists. In the meantime, we hope that PIXI.FM helps you to discover new artists, and if you find someone you like, we hope you support them and also let them know where you found them.

Join us for the journey.