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Why should I use PIXI.FM?

If you relate to any of these suggestions, you should try PIXI.FM:

  • I like music videos and want to watch them in the best environment
  • I want to have music videos at my party and let my friends put their music on
  • I like discovering new music and exploring artists
  • I have playlists in streaming services and I just want to watch the videos for these tracks
  • I play music on my TV / dedicated device and it is just not appealing to look at
  • I want to have music on in the background that caters to my tastes
  • I have a smart TV and I hate trying to play music on it

If any of that catches your attention, strap yourself in and proceed to the next step.

What do I need to watch PIXI.FM?

First you need the following:

  • Working Internet connection - broadband or 4G speed.
  • A device to watch it on - Android TV, Apple TV, iPhone, Android Phone, or a reasonably modern Laptop or Desktop computer.
  • The ability to play sound from that device.

Then, you need to get the app:

Now that you have the app, you are ready to get started.

I have the app, how can I get started?

First make sure you can turn up the sound, because this app is about the music.

Sit yourself down. Launch the PIXI.FM app.

On a smartphone, you may be offered the chance to Remote Control first - as that is what most people use the mobile version for. To get started though, please choose to "Watch" instead.

You will be injected straight into a continuous music video stream. When one track finishes, the next track will seamlessly begin. You can just leave this running but we find that most users want to take control pretty quickly.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Skip to the next track - Do this when you don't like what you see or just don't feel like watching it right now.
  • Pause; Scrub; Go back and forwards - Gives you full control of your music exploration.
  • DeepDive - The down icon takes you on a musical journey based on the current playing track.
  • Like or Dislike through the use of thumbs - These are very powerful and your thumbs help the mood engine choose what videos will play next.
  • See the videos from your playlists - Paste a Spotify or Apple Music playlist into search and watch the videos from your favourite tracks. You'll be amazed how many you've never seen before.
  • Choose something to play - There are many ways to control the mix. You probably just want to start with the search page.
  • Eject - Fed up of a deep-dive or playlist? Eject to the next level up.

Feel free to now go exploring within the app. But before you go there is just one more thing you should know about:

You should know about the Remote control

PIXI.FM is designed to be enjoyed on a big screen and with friends. To make the most of your experience, we provide a remote control. You can access this on any smartphone, either using the PIXI.FM app or through your phone's browser. It offers all the expected functionality:

  • You can add and control tracks without blocking the main screen with menus
  • Everyone can remote control - you can connect as many people as you want
  • Great for parties

Please give it a try as soon as you can. To activate it do one of the following:

  • Scan the QR code that appears on your PIXI.FM screen. Use your phone's camera or a decent QR-Code scanning app to do this.
  • Load the app or navigate to - if you are on the same wifi network as your screen it should appear automatically.
  • Load the app or navigate to - Select "enter code" as the way to connect, and type the code that appears on your PIXI.FM screen.

For full details please see the Remote Control Instructions.

Serving suggestions

These are the different ways we like to use PIXI.FM. We've put them here for your own inspiration.

  • Entertainment -We enjoy music and music videos are part of that package. That's why we built PIXI.FM. Being able to watch what you want, and discover something you don't know is a great way to enjoy time.
  • Mood Music - Nothing builds atmosphere for any occasion like music videos cranking along in the background. Whether you're working or playing, PIXI will keep the music flowing, meanwhile anyone can pile in to add tracks to alter the mood.
  • PIXI Party - Try to get as many people connected to PIXI.FM as possible. Make sure everyone knows how to put tracks on and let everyone pile in. Enjoy the chaos that ensues. PIXI will respect everyone's right to put music on and will shuffle so everyone gets a track in order.
  • Watch along with PIXI LIVE - (BETA / Coming soon) - If you're socialising at a distance, COVID-style, then crank up your preferred video chat and link everyone's PIXI screens together for the same party experience at a distance. Or, if no one is around, jack into someone else's feed.
  • Visualise the Playlist - The playlists that you made on your streaming service can be injected into PIXI.FM to discover the matching videos. Many people we know have never actually seen what their playlists look like before.
  • Discover local entertainment - PIXI knows what artists are playing near you and can help you find someone you're interested in. Search for venues or select "This week" or "This weekend" for custom playlists tuned to your location.
  • Games - We've found that "name the tune" is very entertaining to play when there is additional visual iniformation. This will be coming to the app soon.

We encourage you to now explore and experiment with the PIXI.FM app. Try things out. Don't be afraid to push buttons.

If you have any problems, please see the Troubleshooting section.