PIXI.FM Privacy Policy

PIXI.FM is a service that provides a seamless music video broadcast experience. We strive to provide a service that operates with the minimum possible amount of Personal imformation. Users who choose to provide further personal information can rest assured that this data is solely used to enhance the service.

When you use this service, you'll inevitably share data with us. The data we collect and what you can do about it is outlined in this privacy policy.

Information We Collect

There are two categories of information we collect:

  • Active information - information you choose to give us
  • Passive information - information gathered automatically

Active information

As you use our service, you will get various opportunities to actively provide us with information. On our service, this is always optional. You may find your enjoyment of the service is reduced if you do not provide this information but we strive to always make it optional.

User profiles

If you choose to log in, you will be choosing to share personally identifying information with us. The primary means of logging in is done through a third party service such as:

  • Spotify
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

We allow you to log in for the following purposes:

  • Watching videos based on playlists from your preferred music streaming service
  • Saving tracks to playlists on your preferred music streaming service
  • Connecting you to any of your friends who are also using PIXI.FM, based on your relationships in third party services
  • Identifying you on-screen when you are using the Remote Control functionality
  • Identifying you to other people as a user who thumbed a particular track

Once you log in, the identity you logged in with is connected to your actions on PIXI.FM. We are given access to some of your personal information by the third party service. If you do not want this then please do not use a third party service to log in, as PIXI.FM can still be enjoyed in Anonymous mode.

Third party services interact with us as follows:

  • Twitter - shares your username, real name, avatar, list of friends and list of followers. We request the weakest form of access so cannot access DMs, private messages, your email, and cannot tweet on your behalf.
  • Facebook - shares your real name, profile photo, list of friends. We request the minimal amount of access required to deliver the service and it does not allow us to modify your account.
  • Spotify - shares your account name, avatar and playlists. We request access that allows us to modify playlists so that you can add tracks you like to your spotify playlist. Please note that when playing playlists from spotfiy, we are only able to see playlists that you or their creator have opened to public viewing.
  • Apple - Shares your name and playlists


We invite you to use the thumbs controls to give your opinion on the currently playing track. However we must make clear that this data is gathered. Thumbs data is used to:

  • Inform the AI of your preferences so that PIXI.FM will show you other music that you may like
  • Share your opinion to other users of the service, for example by showing that you liked or disliked a particular track
  • Potentially suggest music to your friends based on your thumb selection

If you do not want this type of operation, please avoid the use of the thumbs button.

Other types of active information

Location information - we may offer to give you better results based on your location. We consider approximate location to be Passive information (outlined below) but we may offer you the chance to give your location more precisely. If you do then we will collect and store your location. Location information

If you contact us by email, Twitter, Facebook, or other avenues for customer support, we will collect that information in order to see it. That is after all how the Internet works.

Passive information

By simply using our service, your actions are creating passive information. Unfortunately due to the nature of the Internet this is unavoidable so if you do not consent to the collection outlined below, unfortunately your only option is to not use the service.

The following is a blanket list of the types of information that you may be providing passively simply through using the service:

  • Device information, such as hardware model; operating system; time zone; unique device identifiers; browser type and version; language settings;
  • Approximate location information derived from your IP address - usually this is accurate to the town you are in
  • The actions you perform, invoked from pressing buttons or navigating menus
  • The videos you watch; how long you watch them for; whether you watch them to completion
  • Your network information, such as connection type, speed, service provider
  • Cookies and other storage technologies, typically to provide persistence between sessions and identify returning users

Our usage of this information is outlined in the following sections.

AI and repeat control

The service gathers the play history of every user, even if anonymous. This is to allow the AI to make choices about what to show you next, and to provide a history that allows us to reduce repeat showings of tracks.

Analysis and diagnosis

We use third party services for error and usage tracking. We do this to:

  • Ensure our product is working correctly
  • Provide context when problems occur so that we have enough information to resolve them
  • Track usage of features to understand their utility

Adjustments based on location

The service uses your location and language to show videos that may be more relevant to you, and to provide information on events that are happening near to you.

Sharing information

Your information may be shared in the following ways:

  • With third party service providers as part of normal operation of the service
  • With our business partners
  • As required by law or any other legal process
  • With third parties as part of a merger or acquisition

Depending on the situation, information may be shared in aggregate or in non-identifiable form.

Third party services

We use third party services to provide our service, for example the video we play is embedded directly from YouTube. Through our third party integrations, you may be providing information to the third party, as well as to us. For example:

  • YouTube may recognise you as a logged-in user even though we cannot
  • Twitter and Facebook will be aware you are using them to log into our service
  • Google analytics may be aware of other sites you have visited

The following third party services are used during general operation of the service:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Google Analytics
  • BugSnag

We are not responsible for how these third parties collect or use your information. If you have any concerns about this you should review their privacy policies.

How your information is controlled

How Long We Keep Your Information

We store your information until you ask us to delete it or it is no longer necessary for providing the service.

Control over Your Information

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to access, rectify, port and erase your data. Your rights are outlined below:

  • Opt-out from notifications. In case you do not want PIXI.FM to use your personal data for the purpose of sending notifications, you may at any time opt-out from receiving any further notifications by turning notifications off in your device’s notifications settings.
  • Right to correct. You have the right to have incorrect/unprecise, incomplete, outdated, or unnecessary personal data we have stored about you corrected or completed by contacting us.
  • Rectification of personal data. You have the right to request access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data processed by PIXI.FM. If a request for rectification concerns data that is necessary for PIXI.FM to offer the Services, such requests will have the effect that your account will be terminated. If you wish to exercise this right, please contact us at info@pixi.fm
  • Portability. You have the right to receive your personal data which you have provided to PIXI.FM, in accordance with relevant personal data regulation, provided that such request does not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others. If you wish to exercise this right, please contact us at info@pixi.fm

If you’re a user in the European Union, you should know that the controller of your personal information is:

Company name: Dozo LLP Address: 27 Mortimer St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3BL Email: info@pixi.fm

If you’re based in the EU and have any complaints, you can file a complaint with the relevant supervisory data protection authority in your Member State.

Bases for using your information

The GDPR only allows us to use your personal information when certain conditions apply. These conditions are called “legal bases” and we apply them as follows:

  • Legitimate interest - We might use your information because we have—or a third party has—a legitimate interest in doing so. For example, we need to use your information to provide and improve our service, including protecting your account, delivering you recommendations and providing customer support. An important point to understand about legitimate interest is that our interests don’t outweigh your right to privacy, so we only rely on legitimate interest when we think the way we are using your data doesn’t significantly impact your privacy or would be expected by you, or there is a compelling reason to do so.
  • Consent - In some cases we’ll ask for consent to use your information for specific purposes. If we do, we’ll make sure you can revoke your consent in our service or through your device permissions.
  • Legal obligation - We may be required to use your personal information to comply with the law, like when we respond to valid legal process or need to take action to protect our users.

Your right to object

You have the right to object to our use of your information. If you have any objections please contact us at info@pixi.fm

International transfers

We may collect your personal information from, transfer it to, and store and process it in the United States and other countries outside of where you live. Whenever we share information of EU users outside the EU we make sure an adequate transfer mechanism is in place.


Our service is not intended or permitted for users under the age of 13. Therefore we do not knowingly collect personalinformation from anyone under 13.

Revisions to the Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. Minor changes will be announced by a change to the "Updated" date shown below. Major changes will also be publicised to current app users through in-app notifications.

Updated: 20 May 2020